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澳 門 聖 公 會 中 學

Curriculum Primary


Children are taught the same subjects as in K3 and Primary One, but in more detail.



Children speak to a variety of audiences in more complex language constructions. 

They ask questions and give opinions. They learn to collaborate in groups. Children learn to read with understanding and discuss passages of writing. 

They learn to plan and draft their work. They learn to write legibly in cursive handwriting.



Pupils learn to speak, read and write with more confidence. They use language to explore their own experiences. They learn many more Chinese characters to extend their understanding.



Children learn different ways to solve problems. They learn about two and three-dimensional shapes. They interpret data and how to use and apply mathematical skills to solve problems. They record their work using mathematical language. Calculators may be used to check answers.

Children use software and the internet to support their work in other subjects. They develop research and communication skills. They are taught to check the quality of information and how to present the information to suit the needs of their audience. They also look at how information technology is used outside the school. Children explore a variety of materials and develop their creative skills through assignments.



Children move on to more challenging learning goals and more advanced mileposts of achievement.

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