Macau Anglican College
澳 門 聖 公 會 中 學


School Grounds, Facilities, and Special Features

The school is pleasantly situated on the island of Taipa, down the road from the University of Macao Library. The design of the school is architecturally very attractive. It has two large playgrounds, one on the ground floor and one on the roof. The roof playground is specially designed for sports activities.

It has its own library, computer suite, music room, art room and science room.

The administration offices are on the ground floor. The K1 and K2 areas outside classrooms are spacious and are used as play and activity areas for the children. Pupils from K2 are offered a variety of extra curricular activities, and the school also provides after - school care for children whose parents require it.

The school was designed by the architect Jose F Pereira Chan. He says that it was the mission of the school that inspired him to look at "the creation of Adam", the fresco painted by Michelangelo at the Sistine Chapel's celing. 

The hand detail in the drawing reflects the concept of God communicating himself to humanity, hence the finger was adopted as the design concept for the school.

Furthermore, the cashew nut-shaped lot where the school is located complements the concept as a slightly bent finger.






Kindergarten Classroom


Computer Lab 1


Computer Lab 2


Library(Kindergarten & Primary)




Science Room


Art room

5th Floor Open Area


7th floor (Roof) Playground


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