Macau Anglican College
澳 門 聖 公 會 中 學


MACAU Anglican College opened in 2002 as, a private, experimental school, in the Macao Education system. It began with a Principal, 10 teachers and assistant teachers, 145 pupils and 5 classes. In September 2011 there is a Principal, 2 assistant principals, 84 teachers and assistant teachers, 1220 pupils, and 48 classes. Growth of pupil numbers has been planned annually in phases. K1, K2 and all secondary classes are private and parents pay fees.

    Priority for secondary education is given to the previous year’s graduating MAC pupils. Secondary pupils can take University of Cambridge IGCSE Examinations in form 4 and University of Cambridge Advanced Level Examinations in form 6.


Pupils learn the two main languages of the world – English & Putonghua. Class sizes across the whole college are on average 25 and most teaching is child centered. Teachers, who are employed from all over the world, give the college an international and multi cultural educational ethos and dimension.

The College is an Anglican Foundation College, which receives professional advice and financial backing from the Anglican Church in Hong Kong. The college also employs a good number of Christian teachers from many Christian denominations. The college promotes and fosters a Christian, positive attitude to learning, tolerance, and a respect for all people of all cultures and faiths. It works closely with the Macao Education Department (DSEJ), and also works closely with all school parents who are also represented by an active, supportive Parent – School Association

The school does not administer corporal punishment to pupils and has codes of conduct for all pupils and adults.

The College employs a doctor to cater for the health and social needs of its personnel. The College Chaplain and the College Counselors are kindly provided by the Anglican Church AND MACAU social services department respectively.

The College has two well resourced libraries, two music rooms, a gymnasium, a science room and three science laboratories, an arts room, a theatre, three outside areas for pupils, a church youth group area and three large open internal areas.


Our first long term school improvement plan in 2001 was for 6 years. In 2008 this initial long term plan changed to another 6 year long term development plan with the building of the secondary section. We now approach our 10th year of development at MAC. There are two more years of development before the College is complete, with classes, K1 - F6.

Our vision is: "To provide high quality education throughout the entire college."

Summary of our mission: Teachers are passionate about teaching, know and challenge their pupils whatever their abilities, collaborate effectively, and are creative and innovative.

Our motto: “We work together to educate the whole child.”

Our aim: “Teacher, parent and child will become equal partners in education.”

How we achieved our vision, mission and aim last year 2010/2011 and lived up to our motto:

Sound class teaching; some inspirational work with pupils.

Class assemblies, Christmas Productions, Chinese New Year Productions were all of high standard, excellent examples of staff collaborating well.

Charity work by secondary school council, P6 and PI.

Getting the basic skills right in classes.

Some outstanding teacher team work.

Macau wide English Speaking Competition First Prizes LP, UP, JH.

The best Macau wide Chinese Educators' Poetry Competition Awards in Macau

More staff recruitment to develop improvement in standards of the secondary section.

Teen care programme successes.

Science & Art Fair & Healthy Campus Day. Science staff, Ms Anne Cameron and Ms Alice Hong led these three projects, and everyone participated fully to ensure that these events were very special and memorable.

Further development of the MAC Band

Excellent field trips for F1 F2 and F3 pupils.

Outstanding Pupils’ School Council leadership. 

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