Macau Anglican College
澳 門 聖 公 會 中 學



Summer(boys) Summer(girls)
Black leather shoes Black leather shoes
Grey or black socks *White ankle socks
Grey trousers , black belt College skirts   (knee length)
Navy shorts Navy slacks
College shirt College blouse
White undershirt (no logos) White undergarment (no logos)
Tie (optional) Tie (optional)
Winter (As above but) Winter (As above but)
Tie (Mandatory) *Black socks/stockings
Grey or red
College jacket
Tie (Mandatory)
  Grey or red College jacket

*Students will be sent home if they do not comply with these rules.

PE uniforms:  Red shorts, white and red golf shirt, red and white jacket, black or white trainers. Students should come to school in PE kits when it is PE that day.

Discrete ear-rings. No make up, Neat tidy hair, Not dyed, no moustaches or beards.

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