Macau Anglican College opened in 2002 as a private, experimental school in the Macau education system. It began initially as a Kindergarten/Primary school only, with a Principal, 10 teachers and assistant teachers, 145 pupils and 5 classes.

The building was designed by the architect Jose F Pereira Chan. The school’s ethos inspired Chan to look at The Creation of Adam, the fresco painted by Michelangelo on the Sistine Chapel's ceiling. In the fresco, God is depicted communicating himself to humanity through a pointing finger. The shape of a pointing finger was used by Chan as a design concept for the school.

Our first school principal was Mr David Brown, who saw the school develop and grow over 14 years, through to his retirement in August 2016.

In 2008 we introduced a Secondary section, commencing with Form 1, and brought in Forms 2 to 6 over each successive year.

Our first cohort of Form 6 secondary students graduated with their final MAC school certificate in June 2013.

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