Successful learners with enthusiasm and motivation for learning

In keeping with our core value of a multicultural outlook, we are proud of the cultural diversity of our student population. Approximately 70% of our students are local Macau students, and the remaining 30% are a diverse multicultural mix, including Portuguese, Filipino, Australian, British, American and Chinese. In our current enrolment we have 25 different student nationalities.

We focus on the individual, aiming to maximise each student’s potential. We admit all students irrespective of race, colour or religion, national origin, or disability. Students with disabilities or special needs are supported through our Inclusive Education Unit.

Our school has grown since its origins as a Primary school in 2002, and continues to grow and expand its opportunities for students. Most of our students enter in K1 but enquiries from parents of students in other grades are always welcome.

Please browse through our website to get an overview of what we have to offer. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us

Kindergarten marks the beginning of the child’s journey in life long education. Lanny Thedy, Head of Kindergarten Section

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