In the Secondary section we integrate two curricula:

  • DSEDJ-approved school curriculum
  • Cambridge international curriculum

Students can take Cambridge exams at the end of Form 4 (IGCSE) and Advanced Level (‘A-levels’) exams at the end of Form 5 and Form 6. Both IGCSE and A-levels are two-year programs.

Students graduate from junior high school at the end of Form 3 after successful completion of Form 1, Form 2 and Form 3 curricula approved by the DSEDJ (local Macau education department).

After successful completion of Form 4, Form 5 and Form 6 curricula approved by the DSEDJ, students then graduate at the end of Form 6 with a Macau Anglican College high school graduation certificate. This is recognised for entry to local Macau universities and institutions.

Students who plan to apply for admission to overseas universities are advised to take at least five IGCSE exams in Form 4, including English Language, followed by four Cambridge exams in Form 5. This gives them flexibility in Form 6 to complete the standard number of three A-levels required by most overseas universities.

The curriculum grid below shows how the DSEDJ subject framework is integrated with core subjects and Cambridge offerings. Click on each dot to see the subject listings.

Red text = Available as Cambridge exam
Plain text = Core subject
* = Available as elective


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