MAC Basketball starts in primary school and continues throughout secondary school. Teams participate in the DSEJ school tournaments and in other leagues such as the Macau Junior Basketball Championship and the Macau Junior Basketball Summer League.

Our teams have achieved the following results:

Macau School Basketball Competition – 2nd place Girls Basketball Grade C (2014) and 3rd place (2013)
Macau Junior Basketball Summer League – 2nd place Girls Basketball (2015)

Mr Lai Chi Hou is the Head Coach of MAC Basketball Teams. He has the following qualifications: Chinese Basketball Association Coach License Level (the highest level in China); Chinese Basketball Association Coach License Level 2; Chinese Basketball Association Junior Coach License; and Hong Kong Basketball Association Coach License Level 2. His coaching experience and awards are:

  • Head Coach of MAC Basketball Teams since 2016 and C Grade Girls Team Runner Up (DSEJ)
  • Organizer and Commissioner, Macau Basketball Association Coach Clinic since 2015
  • Coach of Macau Basketball Association Under 16 Girls Team since 2011
  • FIBA U16 Women’s Asia Championship (China) in 2011
  • FIBA 3x3 Asia Cup (Thailand) in 2012
  • China, Hong Kong  and Macau U16 Women’s Competition in 2012
  • Macau Yuet Wah College Basketball Team Head Coach (2006-2016); A Grade Boys Team Champion (DSEJ), B Grade Boys Team Champion (DSEJ); C Grade Boys Team Champion (DSEJ) and C Grade Boys Team Champion (DSEJ)
  • Macau Polytechnic Institute Basketball Team Head Coach (Women) (2012-2016), with 4 times runner up (Tertiary Education Services)
  • Head Coach, Macau Tong Kuok Kei Lam Sports Association Basketball Team Head (Women); 2  Shield Champions (MBA) and 2 League Champions (MBA)
  • Macau IY Yeung Sports Club Basketball Team Head Coach (Men & Women) (20092015) with 1 Shield Champion (Women) (MBA), 1 League Champion (Women) (MBA), 1 Shield Champion (Men) (MBA) and 3rd place (Men) (MBA) 4 League.
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